The world is becoming more organized, with more laws, but also with more outlaws.

Your job is becoming more difficult, as there are more and more lists to watch :

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Sanctions
  • Politically Exposed People
  • Company Beneficial owners
  • … and more !

Then you are asked to not trust what you see as clients, pictures and ID cards are maybe not what they pretend to be.

The main issue here is that States have less and less money, but are more and more hungry for control.

They have therefore only one solution : delegate their control to every single scale of the society ladder. This means that you are going to be asked for doing more and more about those matters.

So here is our mission :

We will help you to go switftly through that turmoil of administration requirements which prevent you from achieving your own mission.

We will provide tools that will not only be as exhaustive as possible, but also easier to use than ever.

But we can do more : we can issue proofs of your work, so that in case of any control, we can be by your side to witness that you did all what was requested from you.

You will learn to stand by the Swiss Dove.